Hi all,

I just want to let you all know this is likely to be my last update on Friday the scabby stray cat… For the main reason that he is no longer a stray, so it doesn’t seem quite right to call it my stray cat blog now.

He officially has a home….


with me 🙂

I have got his first lot of vaccinations done, in another 3 weeks he can have the 2nd dose and then can start going outside. He loves sitting in the window watching the world and his brothers, so I will be happy when he can go out and play with them.

His skin is pretty much healed now, and I think that the hair that is still missing will never grow back. I will make sure he always has a collar on with my number so people don’t mistake him as a stray and try and rescue him.

He is quite clever.. He knows how to use door handles and loves playing fetch with anything that moves.

I do need to teach him that it is not ok to steal food off my plate though, as every meal is plagued by him snatching from my plate.

It won’t take me long to teach him some manners though.

So thank you to everyone who has been following his story and keeping him in their thoughts during the critical weeks, and a huge thank you to everyone at Lawrence Veterinary Centre in Eastwood for their care and help for him, especially Natalie, who is a super star vet in my eyes for all she has done 🙂

I am on Twitter, @Rachelandjess if people wish to keep up with his shanigans after the blog is over!


     Cuddles with his brother 🙂   Image

And being groomed by himImage



Poor little guy has had an eventful week… he had his testicles removed. Luckily though he forgot as soon as he came round from the anaesthetic and I put food in with him. To add to his list of issues, a heart murmur was noted on his last examination, grade 2/3 of 6! But we also reran his bloods, and things have cleared up there at least.

I know I have said it before, but this little guy literally owes his whole life to people at Lawrence Veterinary Centre, especially Natalie, his personal vet, so when it came to castration, I had to ask nicely that she would continue his care and perform the surgery.

I monitor anaesthetics daily, and know they are remarkably safe for our cats and dogs, and yet I still couldn’t stop worrying about him. It made me realise just how people must feel when we just expect them to leave their beloved pets with us and not worry! I was there watching every breath, and still worried… And this isn’t even my pet! But everything went perfectly!

Everyone at work have been commenting how well he is doing, and everyone has fallen in love with the little guy. And he is much nicer to cuddle now, as he has finally been well enough to have a bath ( he so badly needed one, his fur was yellow from urine staining 😦   !! )

The main question everyone asks me at the moment is “Are you going to keep him?”…. The answer is.. I still don’t know.

I have to consider the welfare of my other cats, and although the boys are quite accepting of him, my female cat does not like him. She has been trying to stay out all night for several nights on the trot, which isn’t fair on her.

However, this morning, she was crying at the door to come in, and she had been inside for 2 full days previous, so maybe we are making a break through there? ….

If you ever asked Shawn (my other half) if he was staying with us, the answer was always an outright no!… but tonight he posted a photo to Facebook, and someone commented asking about him staying, and his response was simply “I hope not” …. so maybe progress on all fronts?

I have to be honest though, I do not hold out much hope for him surviving long in life unless he gets wrapped in a big protective bubble… So far, while in my care he has

– Fallen off countless things

– Got his leg wrapped up on the elastic on a dangly bit of his cat tree and went crazy trying to loosen himself, only making it worse

– Tried to eat a spicy chilli because I was eating them

– Tried to eat hair removal cream

But what he lacks in brains and sensibility, he makes up for in personalilty!

Even if I don’t keep him, I will certainly ensure he goes to a home where he can no longer harm himself!!


Hi all,

Sorry I have not updated for a while again. Friday is still much the same, still healing well.

He is absolutely bonkers now. Can’t possibly keep him confined to the spare room anymore, he enjoys being with people too much, so most evenings now, he is downstairs with me and the boys, who for the most part just ignore him. I know if he does get homed with other cats, he will get on with them fine!

He likes to help me when I am on my laptop now, and has stuck his face into my conversations on facebook, and caused me to send random messages through email too.

He reminds me of a squirrel crossed with a racoon with his cheeky attitude. He bounces everywhere now. He is definitely feeling better in himself, he sleeps fully stretched out now, rather than curled into a foetal position. He can jump pretty high too now!

I took him into the vets again this week so everyone can see how well he is doing. People just can’t believe he is the same cat. I don’t think I really realised just how close he was to not surviving, and now already, he has forgotten what he has been through.

Massive thanks to Cat’s Protection Nottingham who have offered to care for him if I struggle to find him a home 🙂

I hope that this little guys story has insipired even just a few of the readers of this blog to do something to help a poor creature that can’t help themselves. Even something as simple as donated spare pet food to your local shelter will go a long way to helping them.

And remember, if you are considering getting a new pet, there are literally hundreds waiting for loving homes in rescue centres.

The Cat’s Protection at Nottingham (http://www.nottingham.cats.org.uk/nottingham/adopt-a-cat-page) always have a centre full, and the best thing about adopting from there is knowing they will be coming to your home with a knowledge of any problems they have as every cat is consulted by a vet, is fully vaccinated, flea’d, wormed and neutered, and they allow our veterinary centre to do whatever treatment is required for each patient, so the cats always get gold standards 🙂


First of all, thank you to all who have read Friday’s story and sent comments of well wishing!! I never dreamed I would have hundreds of people reading this little guys story.

These last couple of days have been fantastic! I am counting this week as the first of the rest of his life. We shalll not count the trouble he suffered in his first few months. We are also keeping his name as Friday. That was the clear winner in the end 🙂

So world, meet Friday Haben Stray Cat (Chambers)

He is healing so well now. We have been able to cut down on the use of pain relief, he is now only on one type of antibiotic instead of 2, and we have now switched creams to a cream that aids healing (Dermisol) rather than the antibacterial Flamazine cream.

He can finally be a kitten! And oh boy, is he making the most of that!  He just loves toys, so I went out today and bought him some more. He now has a ball that treats can be placed in and he rolls it round to get the treats out (didn’t take him long to work that one out!), and he has some generic toys too. I am teaching him to stalk and hunt, although he is terrible at it as he keeps getting distracted and coming to me for cuddles instead.

I have been struggling to get good photos of him as he is like a whirlwind, so had to enlist the use of my boyfriend to try and catch some good ones of him.

He has a little obsession with my fluffy, pink pig slippers. Every time he passes them, he has a little snuggle.

The main things to do with him now are to finish his treatment, castrate him and get him fully vaccinated, including against feline leukaemia, as he is negative for the disease.

I have completely fallen for this little guy now. I tried my hardest to just concentrate on the nursing of him, for two reasons.

1)      I wasn’t sure how well he would do, and I was so scared of getting too attached, just in case he didn’t survive.

2)      I was (and sort of still am) determined to rehome him. Although he is such a sweet little creature, if I can get my current clan to accept him, then who knows, he might end up living with me….

Watch this space guys 🙂


Such an attention seeker!

Tried to get a nice photo of me and Friday. He had other plans.

I have been keeping Friday (or Harvey or Pheonix, still open for debate) at home a lot as he gets a little bit stressed when at the vets, and he has been improving constantly. I tried various dressings to keep the cream on him as required, and finally settled in using cling film with a body stocking over the top. It worked brilliantly!

I took him into work today to get him assessed by the vet again, and everyone commented how well he looks now! We have decided to change him cream now, so instead of Flamazine, we are using Dermisol and are now keeping it open to the air. It no longer is required to be kept moist. I weighed him again today, and he is now 2.20kg. When he arrived he was only 1.42kg!!

The dermisol will help remove the last of the bad skin and promote new healthy skin. I will continue his antibiotics and pain relief until he is 100% back to normal.

I am hoping to give him a bath soon, as he hasn’t smelt like the freshest animal since the day he arrived.

His character is developing more every day and never fails to make me chuckle with his little quirks, like staring at me all the way home in the car, or how it is possible to have a conversation with him as he meows back when you talk to him and watches you intently as if he is trying to understand what you are doing to him.

This has been such a rewarding process. To think when the small mite arrived, his chances of survival were minimal and now, every day he comes on in leaps and bounds 🙂